STUDIO ADDRESS : Suite 601, 6th Floor West Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Center, Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines 1605
FLOOR SPACE : 1,619 square meters
BACKGROUNDS : Photoshop–16 Licenses
FLASH : 150 Licenses
HARMONY : 100 Licensess
STAFF : 250


What strikes me most about 2010 is that the days of traditional 2D are over for us. 2009 could well be the last year for 2D traditional for us and Dennis and Gnasher the last traditionally produced series. Mark it down in the annuls of history….the end of an era… would appear that I'm truly now a child of the new millennium.

From a business viewpoint, the shift to digital is a superior commercial proposition: substantially less people, fewer desks, less space, less air-conditioning, no more paper, pencils……more cost effective and environmentally friendly to boot!

The impact on us is self-evident when you look at our staffing stats. 2010, for example, represents a year of overall growth and yet staffing numbers came down by more than 40% when compared to 2009. The reason is the absence of traditional 2D in 2010.