STUDIO ADDRESS : 6th and 30th floors, West Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Center, Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines 1605
FLOOR SIZE : 2,175 square meters
BACKGROUNDS : Photoshop – 18 Licenses
PHOTOSHOP : 24 Licenses
FLASH : 464 Licenses
HARMONY : Expandable by arrangement with Toon Boom


Wow, what a year! Reaching a milestone - the delivery of our 1,000th half hour of television, expansion into our new facilities on the 30th floor (nice view…), an additional 175 artists... whew!

This year we delivered the equivalent of 250 half hours, which is close to double our previous best year. Our creative management team has grown accordingly and as an example, we now have 15 Animation Directors and 19 Assistant Directors as part of our team. We were ready and to be honest, the growth was well planned over time and so relatively painless. We could foresee what was ahead of us in September last year and so had plenty of time to prepare. What we handle very well is planning, training and development and our training programs are curriculum based and have been well honed over a number of years. We’re sure to choose the best candidates for training and they graduate with certification that is recognized by the local government authority (TESDA). We have always taken the long-term view and never penny pinch when it comes to putting necessary resources in place ahead of the demand curve.

On a more sobering note, we should also take a moment to consider the profound damage caused in Southern Philippines by Typhoon Yolanda. Tens of millions of Filipinos were displaced by this massive typhoon…said to be the worst on record and to such an extent that they had to create another category (5) to properly record its brutal power. It will be decades…if ever…for the recovery to compete itself and our thoughts continue to go out to all those affected.

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