Captain Flinn and the
   Pirate Dinosaurs
Flash 7 x 22 minutes SLR Productions
Looped Flash 3 x 22 minutes DHX Media
Exchange Student Zero Harmony 13 x 22 minutes Cartoon Network Asia
Transformers: Rescue Bots Flash 14 x 22 minutes DHX Media
Julius Junior II Flash 17 x 11 minutes Brain Power Studio
My Little Pony Flash 26 x 22 minutes DHX Media
My Little Pony - Equestria Girls Flash 85 minutes DHX Media
Guess How Much I Love You Harmony 24 x 11 minutes SLR Productions
Littlest Pet Shop Flash 25 x 22 minutes DHX Media
Peabody & Sherman Flash 4 x 11 minutes DHX Media
Supernoobs Flash 26 x 22 minutes DHX Media
Jamie's Got Tentacles Flash 47 x 11 minutes Samka Productions
Umigo 5 Flash 4 x 7 minutes Wild Brain Entertainment
Titeuf Harmony 78 x 7 minutes Go-N Productions
Tom and Jerry Flash 15 x 7 minutes Slap Happy Cartoons

STUDIO ADDRESS : 6th and 30th floors, West Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Center, Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines 1605
FLOOR SIZE : 2,175 square meters
PHOTOSHOP : 24 Licenses
FLASH : 408 Licenses (Transition to CC Commenced)
HARMONY : Owned 70 expandable as needed through rental licenses with Toon Boom a total of 140 were used in 2015




We've always prided ourselves on being able to stay ahead of the technology curve, no not because we're techno-nerds, but because we recognize how advantageous it is to our clients to be able to flex our "massive" technology muscles when needed. We have substantial resources at our disposal that put us ahead of the game.

2015 saw a change to a cloud-based (CC) rental system for software and this is good but it also presented new challenged to us. Our investment in software is substantial. For example, with Flash we already owned more than 350 seats when CC was first introduced and this potentially meant that our owned systems would very quickly become redundant. Not a good thought financially. However, Macro-Media supported us along the way and I am happy to report that our transition has been smooth and effective. We're able to use the latest CC Flash versions when our clients require it.

The good news for us is that once the whole market converts across to cloud-based (latest) versions (which they have no choice in), we will no longer have to compete against projects that undermine us by using pirated software. CC means that you can't get your hands on a pirate copy, which levels the playing field and makes us very happy indeed!

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