Astroblast Flash 48 x 11 minutes Scholastic Media
Get Ace Flash 8 x 11 minutes Galaxy Pop
Captain Flinn and the
   Pirate Dinosaurs
19 x 11 minutes
SLR Productions
Dr. Dimensionpants Flash 17 x half hours DHX Media
Julius Junior Flash 62 x 11 minutes Brain Power Studio, Inc.
Littlest Pet Shop Flash 26 x half hour plus shorts DHX Media
Looped Flash 23 x half hour DHX Media
Mini Loup Harmony          41 x 7 minutes Ouido Production
Monster Beach
1 x 70 minutes
Bogan Entertainment Solutions
Pty. Ltd.
Monster High Flash 23 x 3 minutes Six Point Harness
My Little Pony
10 x half hour plus
1 x 70 minutes DVD
DHX Media
The Rescue Bots Flash 22 x half hour DHX Media
Peabody & Sherman Flash 4 x 11 minutes DHX Media
Skinner Boys Flash 17 x half hour SLR Production
Umigo Flash 4 x 9 minutes Wild Brain Entertainment
Wild Grinders Flash 31 x 11 minutes Home Plate Entertainment
Guess How Much I Love You Flash 2 x 11 minutes SLR Productions

STUDIO ADDRESS : 6th and 30th floors, West Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Center, Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines 1605
FLOOR SIZE : 2,175 square meters
PHOTOSHOP : 24 Licenses
FLASH : 408 Licenses
HARMONY : Owned 70 expandable as needed through rental licenses with Toon Boom a total of 140 were used in 2014




In 2014, we delivered 219 half hours and this followed 197 half hours in 2013. Now this is impressive in itself (at least it is to us) but then we started to put it in the context of hour history: It took us 15 years to reach our first 1,000 half hours but at the rate we are delivering now, it will take us less than 5 years to reach our second 1,000. Now, that's a sobering thought that makes all of us at Top Draw feel very proud indeed!

It's also part of our DNA to look for better ways to service our clients and this year we decided to focus on leadership training and so we set out to find the market leaders in that field...enter DDI International. DDI International is a U.S based organization that develops HR services for large corporations around the world. For us, they conducted a 12-month long leadership-training program for our group of 35 Managers and Executives. Our agenda is to enhance our client experience through better-informed project management and we see the value in making this kind of investment in our staff.

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